Sunday, 29 September 2013

Jumping On The Lace Ear Trend

Victoria Beckham With Chanel Lace Ears

When my girl VB takes on a trend, she sure takes it to a new level.  Come on now, there are BCBG lace rabbit ears, and then there are the coveted Chanel ones for the privileged few.  VB works it,
and works it well. 

Rihanna In Chanel Head To Toe

RiRi was able to bag herself a pair of Chanel ears too.  She let loose when she was at the Chanel boutique on 31 rue Cambon.  That's my favorite Chanel boutique in the whole world.  I think it must be RiRi's too, because she got an invite to go upstairs to CoCo's apartment as well as VIP gifts.

Beyonce Rockin Her Lace Ears.

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