Friday, 6 September 2013

Jeremy Scott Wings Hightops

Adidas by Jeremy Scott Wings Hightops
I first saw these on the Biebs (Justin Bieber).  My daughter found them when we were in the Dubai Mall, United Arab Emirates level Shoe District.  Imagine NYC Bergdorf, Barneys, and Saks shoe departments all rolled into one place.  Eau yeah, we're talkin shoe heaven.  Unfortunately, they only had them in mens sizing. 

Hubby and I were browsing when I found these in Selfridges, London, England.  They have a gorgeous shoe department too. I've been quite lucky, a couple of times I found 2die4 runway shoes there.  The word must be out that too many of us can't resist beautiful shoes.  Shoe departments are taking all the legwork out of the hunt.  This is fine by me, it's trying to decide on just buying one pair.  I don't have the willpower to walk away, I really don't. 


Chanel  Crossbody Bag
I'm so glad I saved all my Chanel bags for my daughter.  They are so well made, the lambskin leather holds up, and the hardware doesn't tarnish after all these years.  I'm just too obsessed with taking care of anything that comes in a pouch and beautiful box.   

This Chanel bag used to be an evening bag with a double chain.  I altered it into a single chain with the help of some jewelry pliers.  Now it's a convenient and "very in" crossbody bag.

 Bracelet - I found this in a jewelry cart at the mall.
Necklace - Topshop
Cartoon Leggings - Wet Seal
Shirt - InWear

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