Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Hermes Birkin & Justin Bieber

   Hermes White Birkin with Rose Gold
This is our good looking cat named Justin Bieber.  He has a sister named Selena Gomez (I call her Miss Gomez).

 Justin is making a run for it, he's getting scared  from the camera.  I rescued a pure grey Persian that had been badly abused, he's a couple of years older than Justin and Selena.  Unfortunately, Justin is starting to copy our grey Persian's paranoia.  If anyone knows of a "cat whisperer" here in Jeddah, please get in touch with me.

Justin's Close-Up

Jennifer Lopez with her white Birkin.

Here is Jennifer Lopez shopping in Beverly Hills with her arm candy.  I love her Valentino sandals.

 Hermes Twilly

I have finally found a pair of twillies that I like for my white gorgeous Birkin.  I had a 5 hour connecting wait at Dubai Airport, which was fine by me.  They have 2 Hermes Duty Free boutiques, which made the time fly by. Remember, there are no hoighty toighty sales people in Duty Free.

Yes, I'm guilty of opening every single Twilly box in both Duty Free stores.
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