Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Kenzo Grey Tiger Sweatshirt


I'm so glad I decided to go to Barneys in Beverly Hills before we traveled.  Otherwise, I would of missed out on this super comfy Kenzo sweatshirt. I remember trying to purchase a S/S 2013 one online, and by the time I pressed the check out key, it was SOLD OUT. After that happened, the sweatshirt went straight to the #1 position on my "have to have it" list.  It's a good thing, I love the thrill of a good hunt.  In the end, I managed to score a heather grey hoodie, and an orange and navy striped sweatshirt from the coveted Kenzo Tiger collection.  I'll have to share those tiggers later because they're in California.

***Celebrity Sighting***
While we were waiting in valet, Paula Abdul comes out of a car looking as gorgeous as can be.   


Chanel Wool Hat
This seemed like a splurge at the time, but I can't even count how many times I have used this.  It's my only winter hat that doesn't leave my hair flat, and I can pull it down to keep my ears warm. It even comes with it's own clear Chanel travel pouch that is large enough to store my scarf and gloves as well.   

Louis Vuitton Scarf
This is a Leo V Gris Rose Scarf by Stephen Sprouse.  It's wispy lightweight, and it's cashmere too. The sales girl showed me how to knot it into a new pretzel shape, which was "too cool". Why is it, I can never remember how to do it, once I get home?  Does this happen to anybody else?      

Louis Vuitton Hightops

Prada Crossbody Bag
Can a girl ever have too many pockets in a bag to organize her stuff?  NO!!!  This baby even has it's own luggage tag with a gold Prada plate.  How cute is that?

Hermes Extreme Leather Bracelet
I found this baby at the Geneva, Switzerland Airport.  I kid you not, our flight got delayed, and everyone around me was moaning and groaning.  I could barely contain my happiness.  I am convinced, there is not a better place to wait out a delay, than in an Hermes Duty Free.  The sales people aren't hoighty-toighty. I can look, touch, spray, and do my thang. Why is it Duty Free in Europe get to have the "good stuff"?  Isn't it funny, how much better we take care of our things when they come in a pouch and gorgeous box?   
Panther Hand Bracelet
This is a high-street find from a cart vender.
Ella Moss Leggings



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