Monday, 14 October 2013

Iggy's Restaurant in Singapore

Our first course was sushi that had meringue instead of rice.  They both melted in my mouth with an explosion of flavor. 


This was a solid mound of provencal vegetables with fine herbs. Every spoonful had a different flavor because of the surprise of different portions of herbs on the bottom.  Hubby just reminded me that there was also caviar.

  Cheese Bread

This was so fresh and piping hot I finished it in three bites.  It's like the bread that is served in Argentinian churrasco restaurants, but this was alot better quality.


This is a signature dish of angel hair pasta, sakura ebi, konbu, and shellfish oil.  It's packed full of flavor, and is truly a memorable pasta.
This was a grilled fish on a bed of red rice.  I can't remember the name of the fish, but it was so delicious.


The original menu had duck but we requested beef.  We had duck last night and didn't feel like having it again tonight.  I wasn't all that impressed with this dish.
This was our gorgeous dessert of buttery French brioche on vanilla foam with chocolate and roasted almonds and a dollop of ice cream.  Yummy!  Hubby gave me his, because he doesn't have a sweet tooth like me. 

Hinoki Chocolate Box

A selection of home-made chocolates, macaroons, and grapefruit jellies.  The chocolate was melt in your mouth smooth with a hint of coffee flavor.  The macaroons didn't taste like the French kind I'm used to eating, like Lauduree or Pierre Herme but, the chocolate filling would make a chocolate connoisseur purr
with delight.  The grapefruit jellies were perfect, if you like grapefruit.

Iggy's is supposed to be the best restaurant in Singapore, and is #9 on the "World's Top 50 Restaurants".  I'm not a connoisseur of food, but it was a truly memorable dinner and the service was impeccable.   
I'm trying my best to take a picture of all the amazing foods I'm eating.  Sorry, sometimes I forget to take a quick pic. 

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